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Monday, October 03, 2005

For serious applicants to the Ivy League…

So you aced your SATs. Your GPA is 3.7. And you’re a varsity athlete, not to mention the vice-president of the key club, and on model UN, and you’ve gone to an exclusive prep school. And so are 3 million other high school seniors.

How is Harvard going to tell you apart?

Get an extra edge on the competition – differentiate yourself through your personal statement! We've been through the process ourselves. As recent graduates of the Ivy League universities, we know the process in and out. And we also have the valuable four years we worked to hone our writing skills.

IVY Insider is a comprehensive college application essay crafting service for applicants of the 2006-2007 academic year. We are a team of Ivy-league educated writers, located in the Upper West Side, providing assistance from the brainstorming stage to the completion of the essay, to help you capture your essence and best represent yourself to the college of your choice. We provide individualized attention for the most important and creative part of the college application process!

The personal statement is the most creative aspect of the application process – where you have creative control over how you are expressed, and your only opportunity to express your true self to the admissions committee. Don't waste this chance by writing a rote introduction of yourself – “My three best qualities are...”

For something as important as the one chance to introduce the admissions committee to the real you, mere editing and tweaking of the ideas is not enough. You want to brainstorm with the experts!

A college application essay is, in essence, a snapshot of you, an idea, a consuming picture. Wouldn't you like to have a professional advice on your essay, to give you an extra edge on the all-important college application essay?

Our Belief

We believe that the essays will most benefit from being read by as many Ivy-educated writers, so that the critique you receive is not just one individual's opinion but the advice from a team of experts.

Similar to the actual admissions process, each essay will be read by at least two consultants who will come up with individual critiques, then meet to discuss them, and give you feedback.

We provide essay writing services, tailored to each university’s application topic, keeping in mind the kind of character each university is seeking. We help applicants brainstorm personal statement topics to highlight their best attributes. Then, at least two members of the IVY Insider team will provide critiques on each draft of your essay—offering reactions, comments, suggestions, and examples of how to improve the essay.

To set up a free consultation and for a schedule of rates, please email ivyinsider@gmail.com.

IVY Insider Team